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So, you'd like to take advantage of our Online Ordering? That's great! Please fill out the form below. We'll be in touch to discuss and confirm your order, as well as arrange for delivery. You're pooch is going to be VERY HAPPY with your decision to feed him The Healthy Barker's delicious and nutritious foods!


First time ordering? Don't worry, we'll help you determine what will work for your best friend. We look forward to serving your canine companion a food that is truly superior to commercial dog foods!



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• PUPPY GC CUISINE (Gently Cooked): Indicate Quantities in Box Beside the Size you want to order.
Puppy Chicken Delight: 200g - $3.25
Puppy Chicken Delight: 400g - $6.00
Puppy Chicken Delight: 800g - $12.00
• GC CUISINE (Gently Cooked Entrees): Indicate Quantities in Box Beside the Size you want to order.
Chicken Delight: 200g - $2.75
Chicken Delight: 400g - $5.35
Chicken Delight: 800g - $10.70
Beef Medley: 200g - $3.00
Beef Medley: 400g - $5.50
Beef Medley: 800g - $11.00
Turkey Supreme: 200g - $3.00
Turkey Supreme: 400g - $5.50
Turkey Supreme: 800g - $11.00
Lamb Chomps: 200g - $3.75
Lamb Chomps: 400g - $6.75
Lamb Chomps: 800g - $13.50
Fish Fancy: 200g - Market Value
Fish Fancy: 400g - Market Value
Fish Fancy: 800g - Market Value
Salmon Sensation: 200g - Market Value
Salmon Sensation: 400g - Market Value
Salmon Sensation: 800g - Market Value
SIMPLY RAWVENOUS© (Raw Food Entrees): Indicate Quantities in Box Beside the Size you want to order.
RAWvenous© Chicken: 250g - $1.98
RAWvenous© Chicken: 454g - $4.20
RAWvenous© Chicken: 908g - $6.70
RAWvenous© Chicken: 1815g - $12.60
RAWvenous© Beef: 250g - $2.47
RAWvenous© Beef: 454g - $4.95
RAWvenous© Beef: 908g - $7.99
RAWvenous© Beef: 1815g - $14.85
RAWvenous© Turkey: 250g - $2.67
RAWvenous© Turkey: 454g - $5.49
RAWvenous© Turkey: 908g - $8.80
RAWvenous© Turkey: 1815g - $16.49
RAWvenous© Lamb: 454g - $6.25
RAWvenous© Lamb: 908g - $10.10
RAWvenous© Lamb: 1815g - $19.00
RAWvenous© Fish: 454g - $6.25
RAWvenous© Fish: 908g - $9.99
RAWvenous© Fish: 1815g - $18.75
ON THE SIDE: Indicate Quantities in Box Beside the Size you want to order.
Protein Helper Mix: 454g - $3.00
Protein Helper Mix: 908g - $5.00
Protein Helper Mix: 1815g - $8.00
Omega Topper: 454g - Enquire for Price
Omega Topper: 908g - Enquire for Price
Omega Topper: 1815g - Enquire for Price
Chicken Bone Broth: 500ml - $5.00
Chicken Bone Broth: 1 litre - $9.50
Beef Bone Broth: 500ml - $5.00
Beef Bone Broth: 1 litre - $9.50
WHOLE FOOD Supplement: 263g - $39.99
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Please let us know your dog's name, breed, weight, age, any allergies or special needs and an idea of what foods he/she might like. We'll be in touch to discuss a tailored package for you.
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Please indicate if you would like to have us help you develop a menu plan for a dog with special needs.

Tell Us About Your Dog's Special Needs:
This will help us to determine how to customize the best food for your dog's requirements
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Prices shown are current and subject to change. We will confirm all prices upon placing your order. Thank you.
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