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The Healthy Barker Food PhotosHow We Make Our Food

Lovingly Prepared With Care...

Every ingredient in our food, including the ones used in our Whole Food Supplements, are of the best quality. Only fresh, whole ingredients, that are the highest in nutrients, go into preparing The Healthy Barker. All of our dog foods are complete and balanced and meet the guidelines of the National Reseach Council for pet food.


Our ingredients are always fresh, 100 % all natural. Our meats are antibiotic and hormone free. We never use any preservatives, by-products, fillers, GMO's (genetically modified organisms) or anything that sounds weird. Just real meat (no meat meal), real vegetables and real everything. We also offer a 100% certified organic line of dog foods.

From Counter to Doggie Dish...

Our GC* Cuisine (*gently cooked) and Simply Rawvenous© raw dog foods offer the best nutritional value over commercial dog foods, because they are never overcooked or over-processed. You can check the thermometer below to compare dog food processing techniques. 



Did you know that high heat during processing lowers the digestibility of
food and can destroy the nutritive value

Processing of Dog Food and Heat Indications

The Healthy Barker GC Dog Food
is cooked to the FDA Recommended temperature of 160˚. The veggies in the Raw Food is cooked to the same temperature and the meat is carefully handled to avoid contamination.




The ingredients are carefully selected, based on a dog's ability to digest the food, to help ensure that the right amount of nutrients are being absorbed by your pet. Some of our key considerations are that:


• The quality of our food matters. For example, we don't use just any kind of fish. The fish we use has to be the highest in omega 3 and be a fish that is not polluted with mercury. Our meats are antibiotic and hormone free. Our sources are carefully examined to ensure the source is treated ethically and humane.


• All our foods are locally sourced.


• The ingredients in our Whole Food Supplements are also carefully selected. They include 100% organic whole food concentrates and human grade sources, so your dog can completely absorb and digest them.


• We prepare our food with the same care that you do when preparing food for your family. Our food is lovingly prepared in small batches to protect food quality and reduce waste.


• In the kitchen we ensure that all food is fresh and clean. Our GC Cuisine is gently cooked to preserve nutritive value, optimal flavour and allow for easy digestion. Only the veggies are gently cooked in the Simply Rawvenous© food, for the same reasons.The cooked food is allowed to cool before adding other beneficial ingredients, such as kefir, safflower oil, fish oil, and other supplements that, if added to heat would lose their nutritional value. Spinach and fruit are added raw since they can be easily digested and absorbed without cooking.


Our food is a balanced combination of protein, fat, carbohydrates and nutrients. It looks real food, because it is. It's not shaped into patties, or balls, kibbles or freezed dried. Just real food.  The ingredients we use maximize a dog's ability to digest the food to ensure the right amount of nutrients are being absorbed by your pet. Our Ingredient Information offers additional info about the nutritional benefits for all the essential nutrients found in The Healthy Barker dog food. Bon apetit!





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