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Whether you're a dog parent wanting a specific recipe to feed your dog, or you have a dog with health issues that requires a specific dog diet, The Healthy Barker can formulate and prepare completely balanced and nutritious meals that meet your dog’s specific needs.


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Customized Dog Meal Plans

Are you feeding your dog a homemade diet, but aren't sure if it's complete and balanced, or are concerned that the recipe isn't quite right? Do you believe that real whole foods are healthier for your dog, but don't have time to cook for your dog? The Healthy Barker is here to help you with formulating a meal plan that's easy to make, affordable and nutritionally balanced. No worries if you can't commit to cooking yourself, we can do that for you!

Customized Diets For Special Conditions

As with people, the food our dogs eat plays an integral role in their health. The greatest potential for health is achieved by consuming a balanced diet of fresh whole food, combined with regular exercise, mental stimulation and minimized exposure to stress. And a whole food diet is never more important for your dog than when their health is challenged.

The Healthy Barker, in consultation with Dr Susan Lauten, our veterinarian pet nutritionist, has had great success in creating feeding plans to address dog health issues such as dog obesity, digestive disorders, picky eaters, food allergies, and more.

Customized Diet Options

Sometimes it isn't possible to commit to a 100% home-cooked diet. The Healthy Barker would be happy to design a plan as a complementary addition to your dog's commercial diet. This is often the most feasible option for owners of large and giant breeds, or homes with multiple dogs. We can discuss how you can get the most nutritional value by supplementing your existing dog food. We can even suggest a list of more desirable brands of commercial dog food to improve your pooch's diet. Even a little can go a long way.

Get A Customized Consultation Now

If you have a dog that you think would benefit from a custom diet, please fill out the contact information and the questionnaire located on the Contact Us page. Tell us a bit about your dog and his/her condition/s. Please be as detailed as possible and include your telephone number, so we can follow up with you. Filling out the questionnaire and the initial contact is completely free. If it's determined that a customized diet would be beneficial and you would like to have The Healthy Barker develop your dog's specialized food, there will be a $125.00 consultation fee.

All of our nutrition services are available anywhere, including Canada, the US, the UK and beyond.



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