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The Healthy Barker shares your passion to provide your dog with the healthiest diet. We don’t think of it as dog food. We’re creating healthy, wholesome meals that will lead to a longer, healthier life for your dog.


Our food looks and smells like real food... because it is! Our doggie dinners are carefully prepared using fresh, locally sourced, antibiotic, hormone-free foods and includes the right combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, for a complete and balanced diet. Because The Healthy Barker’s meals use only human grade ingredients, they're good enough for you to eat!


Woman sharing a momnet with her dogThe Healthy Barker's menu offers a wide variety of delicious, gently cooked and raw food meals, for even the most discerning pooch palate. We also have protein mixers, broths, Omega toppers and more to enhance your dog's current food. We're constantly whipping up ideas to add to our doggie-licious menu.


For dogs with special needs, our customized diets are formulated to target your dog's dietary needs. Our Whole Food Supplement is a great way to add the right vitamins and minerals to your existing food for a health-packed nutritional boost.

Puppy Feeding


Because, at The Healthy Barker, we know that dogs are more than just pets. They’re family!



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Learn more about the importance of your pet’s diet on our Pet Nutritionist Approved page, where Pet Nutritionist and Expert, Dr. Susan Lauten, answers the top questions that pet owners ask.


Why Choose The Healthy Barker...

The Healthy Barker meals are always made fresh from wholesome, healthy ingredients. When you open your dog’s first meal, you’ll immediately see the difference. We use locally sourced and all-natural, human grade ingredients to make meals that are good enough for you to eat! We’re not kidding - we try all our meals to make sure the flavours, textures and tastes are just right. Then they go to our own dogs, our official taste testers, who give the final bark of approval.

Our meals are more than just tasty dinners for your dog. Founder and owner, Martina Schumann has worked with renowned pet nutritionist Dr. Susan Lauten, PhD, a member of the AAVN – American Association of Veterinary Nutritionists, to develop balanced and complete meals for your dog’s total well-being. You’ll notice the difference: fewer trips to the vet, higher energy levels and a glossier coat (just to name a few). Give your pooch the long, healthy life they deserve by feeding them The Healthy Barker.


The Healthy Barker’s mission is to provide delicious and nutritious meals in a convenient and affordable way. You can feed your dog our healthy canine cuisine and have it delivered fresh to your door for about the same price as premium kibble or canned dog food.


Our homemade food is prepared in small batches and delivered to you at a pre-arranged date and time. We even put them in a refrigerated box to keep the food extra fresh. For convenience, value and nutrition, your only choice is The Healthy Barker.



Over half (55%) of all pet owners say they worry about filler ingredients in pet foods including grains and meat by-products.




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